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LED driver has three main technical solutions

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1. RC Buck: simple embodiment, the device small, low cost, is not constant. Mainly used 3W and below LED lamp configuration, and there is a danger of leakage caused by breakdown of the lamp board, so the structural shell of the lamp body must be insulated;

2. Non-isolated power supply: the cost is moderate, IC constant current is used, but there is also the danger of leakage caused by breakdown. It is also required that the structural shell of the lamp body must be insulated.

3. Isolated power supply: high cost, IC constant current, good security.

In order to achieve better light extraction efficiency, the LED panel lamp generally has a slender strip structure. Therefore, in order to ensure the heat dissipation of the LED lamp, the all-aluminum structure is used as a cavity and has a heat dissipation effect. For the non-insulation of the aluminum lamp body, it is necessary to use an isolated power supply to provide basic safety protection, and at the same time provide a constant and constant current to ensure the long life of the lamp bead.