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Three key technologies for led panel lights

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Optical performance (light distribution): The optical performance of LED panel lamps mainly involves performance requirements in terms of luminosity, spectrum and chromaticity. According to the latest industry standard “Semiconductor LED Test Method”, there are mainly illuminating peak wavelength, spectral radiance bandwidth, axial illuminance intensity angle, luminous flux, radiant flux, luminous efficiency, chromaticity coordinates, correlated color temperature, color purity and dominant wavelength, Color rendering index and other parameters. LED panel lamps commonly used white LEDs, color temperature, color rendering index and illuminance are particularly important, it is an important indicator of lighting atmosphere and effect, and color purity and dominant wavelength are generally not required.


Thermal performance (structure): The LED luminous efficiency and power supply for lighting is one of the key factors in the LED industry. At the same time, the PN junction temperature of the LED and the heat dissipation problem of the housing are particularly important. The greater the difference between the PN junction temperature and the lamp body temperature, the greater the thermal resistance, and the conversion of the light energy into thermal energy is consumed in vain, and the LED is damaged in severe cases. A good structural engineer should not only consider the structure of the luminaire and the thermal resistance of the LED, but also consider whether the shape of the luminaire is reasonable, fashionable, novel, and of course reliability, maintainability and practicability. From the perspective of thinking, we must consider the product from the perspective of the user.

Electrical performance (electronic): If a lighting fixture is compare to a girl, then the light is her connotation, structure is her appearance, electronics is her heart. (It’s always the beauty and fashion of beautiful women who attract people’s attention, as well as products.) If a person has no heart, there is no life. If the lamp has no electrons, it will not be a power source. A good driving power source can also determine the life of a product. Electronic standards and parameters are often much more complicated than structures, and early research and development efforts are also relatively large. The current technology trends and updates are changing with each passing day. Engineers have to spend a lot of energy to learn, absorb, disassemble and apply new technologies. The pre-planning of the electronic design, the mid-term implementation, and the formation of the later process need to form documents and form data. This is also the most cumbersome thing in the design. For example: a pre-plan of a power supply design, product description, standard specification basis, safety specification basis, electrical performance expectation value, process requirements, raw material evaluation, test methods, etc. must form a system file.