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LED panel light production process quality control status

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As a kind of lighting electronic products, LED panel lights require strict and rigorous quality management methods and facilities to ensure the reliability of quality, including the performance of the advantages and disadvantages, the stability of use, and the guarantee of life.


Generally, from research and development to production and shipment, it is necessary to undergo optoelectronic matching design, structural design, optical design, industrial design, process design and other aspects of design, and then through the hands-on trial production of photoelectric parameters testing, temperature rise test, life test and each The physical and chemical stability test, after verification, enters the development trial production, and repeats the above development test after the trial production to ensure reliable and stable and then put into mass production. In mass production, it is also necessary to carry out performance and physical and chemical testing of various production materials including LED light source, electronic components, light panels and various optical materials, structural materials, etc., to ensure the conformity and consistency of materials, and Rigorous online testing is also required during the production process to control quality variations during the manufacturing process.

At the same time, after the final assembly is completed, a series of strict aging tests such as high temperature and high pressure, high and low voltage alternation, and switch shock are required to ensure that each LED lighting product can adapt to various changes in the market environment. However, at present, the workshop enterprises in the industry have no design and quality control concepts and practical operations. After assembling and smashing the assembly, they will be dumped to the market after lighting up, resulting in a large number of “products” with low performance and poor quality. Flow to the market.